ScrubChem is a digital curation of PubChem Bioassay, designed to build datasets and enhance research. ScrubChem expands bioassay concepts, corrects formatting errors, and fills data gaps related to interoperability issues between bioassay records. The result of cleaning this data is a larger number of retrievable and comparable results usable for building datasets. Read the About.

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  • 1,222,649 Assay Records
  • 2,282,992 Chemical Records
  • 1,960,672 Chemicals with Bioactivities
  • 693,479,028 Bioactivities
  • 312,165,646 Bioactivities as Justifications
  • 556,354,911 Bioactivities with Molecular Targets
  • 7,985 Molecular Targets with Bioactivities
  • 8,996 Molecular Targets (GIs)
  • 53,950 Molecular Targets (siRNA)

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