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2. Embed ScrubChem Tables (using iframe)

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Interpreting Data Tables

Records (rows) in a Data Table

Filtering by 'Justifications'

Aggregating Data into Hit-Calls & Datasets

Grouping Similar Data into Hit-Calls

Handling of Important Variables (e.g., Modality)

Modality – mode of target being tested (e.g., agonist, antagonist, inhibitor, activator). Outcome – specified by a depositor as active, inactive, inconclusive, or unspecified. N – number of outcomes reported and used in deriving a hit-call. Fraction – number of outcomes supporting a hit-call out of the total (N) reported outcomes. Ratio – decimal representation of the Fraction. Hit-Call – derived from the ratio of agreement, with a threshold greater than 0.5, for outcomes of a given chemical and tested modality. Protein-Modality Hit-Call – A hit-call made for a unique protein and modality pair. Combined Modalities Hit-Call – A hit-call made from combining all protein-modality hit-calls for the same protein (active if observed as active in at least one protein-modality hit-call). [M] – Number of modalities combined together to make a final hit-call. [N] – Total evidences (N) used in a hit-call made from combining modalities.

Definitions & Concepts

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